16 Ways to Follow-up Without Being Annoying

Avoid being a stalker who keeps interrupting people in the name of ‘follow-up’. The truth is, whether you do it intentionally or not, the effect is the same-you lose leads. This guide, 16 Ways to Follow-up Without Being Annoying, is what every salesperson needs to close the sale with strategic follow-up and no awkward stalking.

Cut through the Excuses

Excuses can be valid but the end is always the same-no sales. The book, Cut The Excuses And Drive Sales Through The Roof, is designed to help you eliminate the excuses. Comprehensive strategies. Straight talk. Brilliant insights that can transform your career, drive sales and build your leadership team.

42 Rules to Turn Prospects Into Customers

For one to create a follow-up system that works, certain rules have to be followed. Well, rules are meant to be broken. Learn which rules are meant to be broken and which should never be ignored. Learn how to find the right prospects, build profitable relationships, close more sales, and turn customers into champions of your business.

Contact to Close Course

From Contact to Close is designed specifically for sales people who work hard and smart to covert leads into customers. Filled with follow-up strategies, scripts and priceless templates, From Contact to Close will change how you view sales and follow-up for the better!

Ignite Your Sales

Hate Selling or Dread the word, Sales? Then this free 45-minute webinar is for you. Designed for entrepreneurs and Business owners who know that sales is what makes business happen, but struggle with prospecting, filling their pipeline, and closing the deal. Meridth will show you how to make sales fun, easy and efficient.


Prepare your team for what comes next webinar

Succession Planning is your greatest competitive advantage. To prepare for “Who Comes Next,” you need a plan, you need a strategy to have a smooth transition. Is your team ready? Are you, the leader, ready? This webinar will get you there.

5 Minute Succession Plan Worksheet

You know you need a succession plan. You are not going to live forever, and you want to learn to fish, golf, and travel. Your organization needs your knowledge skills and abilities, and they also need to plan for a time when you are not there.

Succession Planning Assessment

With more than 75 million baby-boomers reaching retirement age, you need to be managerially prepared. You need answers to important organizational and leadership questions: What do we need to build an organizational plan for new challenges?

Leadership Succession Made Easy Book

In today’s marketplace your competitive advantage comes down to the level of talent you attract. To compete, you need to build your leadership bench. Invest in attracting top talent. And develop a culture of succession, a deep pool of talent that is committed to getting results.