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To Turn Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage

I’m Meridith Elliott Powell, and I believe that uncertainty can be your greatest competitive advantage. Whether in business or in life, if you learn to embrace it, and understand it, it can actually become the catalyst that propels your goals and your business forward.

At MotionFirst I help leaders, sales professionals, and individuals learn to succeed in this new fast-paced, constantly shifting marketplace. And rather than fear change learn to embrace it.

My work is based on research, and years of experience studying and working with organizations that have shifted their business models, and individuals that have enhanced their lives with a new mindset, a new perspective, and a new strategy for success. I call what I learned from them my formula for Thriving in Uncertainty. I am committed to helping my clients gain a feeling of control and a sense of empowerment in a world where they do not know what is coming next.

I help my clients learn the sales, leadership, and personal strategies they need to turn uncertainty to competitive advantage to create the business and the life they’ve dreamed of.



The power-packed sales programs you need to redefine your sales process, up your game and leave your competition in the dust. For sales leaders, sales professionals, and anyone who has to sell to grow their business.



The power-packed leadership programs you need to redefine how you lead your team, engage your customers, and grow your business. For leaders, emerging leaders, and anyone whose success depends on creating followers and influencing others.



The roadmap you need to put you in the driver’s seat of your life and your career. For anyone interested in feeling more in control, more excited by, and more in charge of their life.


Success Stories

"Working With Meridith We Doubled Our Sales – Best Year Ever!"

John Miles

CEO Integritive, John@integritive.com

"I feel more empowered than ever to press pass my fear and invest myself in my business "

Gloria Alston

Small business owner

"As a thought-leaders and a coach, Meridith is the best I have ever worked" with.

D. Feldman-Smith

CFP, Wealth Advisors

"If your team is going through change, and you want results, hire Meridith!"

Trish Springfield

 SVP Palmetto Bank

Get Instant Access To My Quick Start Strategy

Turn Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage